About Us

We live in the beautiful Sonoran Desert: Tucson, Arizona is our home. We are nestled in the valley created by the beautiful Catalina and Rincon Mountain ranges. At TADA Rugs, the mountains are the reason we feel connected and grounded to our practice. This is why we named the company TADA Rugs, short for Tadasana, Mountain Pose.

About Us

Yoga Is Our Culture; It’s In Our DNA.

“The idea for this company came while stretching out on a friend’s rug after a long bike ride. Stretching was always a bit of a chore for me, but being able to plop in front of the TV at the same time actually made it enjoyable. I figured there was some sort of yoga mat or area rug hybrid for this purpose but it turns out there wasn’t! That day planted the seed that would eventually grow into TADA Rugs.”  

– David Ramirez, Founder


Our Story & Mission

“The mountains are home to my favorite activities: climbing, biking, and skiing to name a few. When I started practicing yoga, I was planning to use it to complement these sports. I was not planning to get so obsessed with yoga that I started trying handstands on every flat surface I passed. Traditional yoga lead to trying acro yoga and acro yoga led to gymnastics and cheer. The best part was that the strength, flexibility and body control was taking all my extreme sports to the next level. Yoga felt like such a gift, and I hope to make that gift accessible for as many people as possible.”  

– David Ramirez, Founder

By Yogis, For Yogis

Consistent practice makes you healthier, happier and more at peace. It only makes sense to integrate the values of yoga within your space at home.

Bring Yoga Home

Not everyone can afford a $15 drop-in. TADA Rugs is here to bring the studio to your home and make practice accessible at a moment’s notice.

Breaking the mold

There is no real reason yoga mats have been the same size. There is also a reason to make them bigger. Find out just what our added area and thickness can do for your practice!

David Ramiez

David Ramiez


Eight years ago, before I had ever taken a yoga class, I thought it was basically just glorified stretching. Even still, enough people kept telling me to try it and I eventually caved in. About 2 seconds into my first chair pose, I realized how wrong I was! I left my first class with trembling legs and a vague notion that I was about to get obsessed with yet another physical activity. Yoga wasn’t like other exercises I had done before. Of course, it was physically demanding, but it commanded a level of mindfulness that was equally challenging. The more classes I went to, the more I realized I wasn’t just becoming a better yogi, I was becoming a better me.

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