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3 Tips to Level-Up Your Spring Cleaning

March 07, 2020

By: Brooke Davidson // @brooke_being


Spring brings with it a freshness which often inspires us to freshen up our homes. And often, the work we put into straightening up our spaces ends up affecting not just the energy of the space, but also the energy within ourselves. As tidying guru Marie Kondo says, “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life.”

With this in mind, I’ve outlined some tips and tricks to consider as you venture into your spring cleaning this year.


1. Flip Your Hangers

One of the best ways to tidy? Avoid having too much stuff in the first place!

The flipped hanger trick has been around for a while, but I’m always surprised by how many people have not heard of it. It is really quite a simple experiment:

- Flip all of your hangers in your closet (hook opening facing toward you as opposed to away)

- Set a time frame. I usually go with a year since that gives me all four seasons to move through.

- Every time you wear a piece of clothing, flip that hanger back to normal.

- At the end of the year, donate anything that is still on the reversed hangers.

This is a simple way to see which clothes you are actually wearing. Forget about the sentimentality (unless it truly is your wedding dress) and bring your clothes to your local thrift store so they can find homes where they will receive more use.

2. Get the Right Tools for the Job

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to vacuum a carpet with a vacuum that just. won’t. suck. Set yourself up for success by having the right tools for the job, and you just might enjoy your time cleaning.

Vacuum-wise, I am a huge Shark fan. I have had mine for 4 years and it still runs like it’s new. That durability combined with their work-horse abilities as well as their niched styles (for example, I have a pet-specific model that does wonders on picking up pet hair), make for a foolproof system.

When it comes to cleaners, each person has their own preferences based on ingredients, smells, etc. Mrs. Meyers has some great all-natural cleaning products that are safe for your family and leave the space smelling great. Pair that with some bamboo paper towels - which are sustainably sourced and also thicker and less shed-y than other paper towels - and you’ve got a dream team for all your slick surfaces.

3. Don’t Half A** It

No matter which way you cut it, cleaning -- real, thorough, deep cleaning -- is a true undertaking. But if for all the other 51 weeks of the year, you don’t move the dresser to vacuum, then suck it up this one week and move the darn dresser.

Just think about your hair as an analogy. You can go a few days without washing it, but dry shampoo will only hold out for so long before another true wash is needed. Don’t let your figurative hair become figuratively nasty. Remove items from cupboards so you can vacuum out the little crumbs that have amassed in the corners; strip the rugs from the floors and vacuum off both sides, giving the floor underneath a good cleaning while you’re at it; empty out the fridge to throw out any expired foods / condiments, and scrub the shelves off; move the couches and chairs and desks and beds and dressers to ensure no little dust bunnies are left for another year. It may be tedious at the moment, but you will sleep well knowing that your cleaning made things truly clean.


Brooke is a contributing author for Tada Rugs. Tada Rugs is a 5x7 yoga mat disguised as an artistic area rug that you never have to put away. Tada is short for tadasana, or mountain pose, and our own backyard in the San Juan Mountains of Durango, Colorado is where we find our inspiration. Check out our new designs, enter for a chance to win a new Tada Rug, and be sure to follow us for deals and insider specials! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or contact us through our website! Tie a room together and bring your practice home.

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