5 Fun Transitions to Include in Your Practice

5 Fun Transitions to Include in Your Practice

June 10, 2021

By: Brooke Davidson // @brooke_being

Whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey or you are a seasoned practitioner of many years, including creative transitions into your practice can be a fun way to spice things up. It is, after all, often in the transitions that our minds become distracted. Intentionally link a few poses together, and suddenly you might find yourself more deeply immersed in the practice. Not to mention - creative sequencing can be a gateway to exploration and discovery on the mat, too.

Here are 5 fun transitions to try out next time you step onto the mat:


High Lunge → Low Lunge → Power Lunge → Warrior III

Begin in high lunge. 
Exhale: Lower hands to heart’s center and the back knee to the floor
Inhale: Lift hands and back knee
Exhale: Shift forward to power lunge
Inhale: Lift into warrior III
Exhale: Lower to power lunge
Inhale: Lift back into high lunge


Lunge → (Supported) Pistol Squat → Crunch

Begin in high lunge. 
Exhale: Hinge forward & lower tented fingers to the floor outside of the front foot
Inhale: Lift back leg and hug the knee into the chest
Exhale: Kick the lifted leg through and lower hips to heels for a supported (or hands free!) pistol squat
Inhale: Lower to the back, keeping the legs positioned as they are, but lifted into the air
Exhale: Crunch in (forehead to bent knee)
Inhale: Lower to the back and kick the legs up and to get momentum, and then find the pistol squat again
Exhale: Plant tented fingers and step back into high lunge


Wild Thing → Side Plank → Lunge → Half Moon → Warrior II

Begin in wild thing. 
Exhale: shift the weight more into the planted hand as you rotate toward a side plank
Inhale: Bend the knee of the top leg, keeping the toes lifted
Exhale: Step the lifted foot toward the planted hand
Inhale: Plant the lifted hand about a foot in front of the front foot
Exhale: Lift the back leg, flexing the toes and reaching out of the heel
Inhale: Stack the top hip over the bottom one, finding half moon pose
Exhale: Lower the lifted foot, keeping it oriented 90* to the front foot
Inhale: Lift up into warrior II


3 Legged Down Dog → Flying Splits → Chin Stand

Begin in 3 legged down dog. 
Exhale: Draw lifted knee toward the outside of the (same side) arm
Inhale: Bend the elbows straight back, and hug the forward thigh into the arm
Exhale: Shift forward and press into the hands, finding flying splits
Inhale: Look straight ahead and lower the chin to the mat, bending the forward leg as you do so
Exhale: Lift the back leg, press front bent knee into that tricep, press hard into that same side hand, and find chin stand
Inhale & Exhale & Inhale: Explore the shape
Exhale: Slowly lower either 1 leg and then the other or come back through flying splits


Wide Legged Forward Fold → Shoulder Stand → Plow Pose

Begin in wide legged forward fold. 
Exhale: Interlace the fingers at the low back
Inhale: Lengthen the spine to look forward, reaching the arms straight up
Exhale: Fold forward, letting the arms (still bound) move toward the ground 
Inhale: Gently roll into shoulder stand -- use the arms as your “brakes” to stop you from rolling too far
Exhale: Lower the legs behind you for plow pose


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