How to Get Out of a Funk (in 30 Minutes or Less!)

How to Get Out of a Funk (in 30 Minutes or Less!)

March 08, 2021

By: Brooke Davidson || @brooke_being



We’ve all been there: stuck in that uncomfortable and undesirable space of a “funk”. Feeling sad or down; lacking motivation; feeling generally tired or unenthused -- all of these things can be hard to shake once we’re in them. However, with some persistence and intention, we CAN shake that funk off and move forward feeling far more like our usual selves. Check out the ideas below - separated out by timeframes - for some inspiration.

How to Get Out of a Funk if You Have…

5 Minutes
        • Brew a cup of your favorite tea
        • Stretch your body
        • Turn on a favorite groovy tune and dance it out
        • Drink a glass of water
        • Walk barefoot on the grass / earth
        • Close your eyes and focus on deep, even inhales and exhales
        • Write down something you’re grateful for from your day


15 Minutes
        • Listen to a guided meditation
        • Read a chapter of a book
        • Chat with a loved one
        • Make a healthy and nutritious snack for yourself
        • Do a few sun salutations
        • Play with a pet
        • Take a cold shower


30 Minutes
        • Do a yoga practice
        • Take a nap
        • Listen to a favorite podcast
        • Do a quick clean of the house OR a deeper clean of a single room
        • Go for a walk
        • Prepare a healthy yet simple meal for yourself
        • Take a bath


Getting out of a funk can ultimately take far longer than 30 minutes, but these simple acts, if done with intention, can sure speed along the process. The important thing to remember is that every experience in life is temporary; this, too, shall pass. If your funk persists and your own actions to alleviate it don’t seem to help, know that professional help is out there for that exact reason. Counseling can be a truly empowering tool and is nothing to be ashamed of.




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