Self Love Yoga Flow

Self Love Yoga Flow

January 31, 2020

By: Autumn Mulgrew | @afterrsummer

February, as we all know, is the month of love. With Valentine’s day taking the spotlight, it’s easy to forget who the most important person is to love: yourself. Instead of ignoring the bright red section filled with heart shaped everything in the store, roam around the aisles and find something you like. Then buy it for yourself! You control your feelings of self worth, and you are worthy of that giant teddy bear, trust me. If your budget is tight, go the day after February 14, everything will be hugely discounted and you will have chocolate for days! And while you are treating yourself, find movement that encourages self love. Yoga is a great way to stretch, strengthen, and meditate all at the same time, which is one of the best recipes for taking care of yourself.

This sequence includes standing warrior poses to remind you that you are strong, a few balancing poses to remind you to be playful, and heart opening poses to remind you to always love yourself. Hold each pose for 3-4 breaths, and stay in savasana (corpse pose) at the end for as long as you want!

Warm Up

  1. Start in tabletop pose
  2. Lean back into child’s pose
  3. Set your intention. For example:
  • “I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself
  • “I am worth loving”
  • Rise back to tabletop pose
  • Inhale cow pose: gaze up, belly down
  • Exhale cat pose: gaze down, arch back upwards
  • Repeat cat/cow five times following your breath
  • Find a seat with your legs forward and exhale as you fold, belly touching thighs
  • Cross right leg over left, place right hand behind you and left elbow on right knee for a twist
  • Repeat on the other side

Sun Salutations

  1. Start standing
  2. Inhale reach your arms up
  3. Exhale forward fold
  4. Inhale halfway lift
  5. Exhale high plank to chaturanga
  6. Inhale upward facing dog
  7. Exhale downward facing dog
  8. Inhale look forward, bend your knees and make your way to the top of the mat
  9. Repeat 4 times

Self Love Sequence

  1. Start standing
  2. Inhale arms up
  3. Exhale forward fold
  4. Clasp hands behind your back and reach up to open shoulders
  5. Inhale halfway lift
  6. Exhale high plank to chaturanga
  7. Inhale upward facing dog
  8. Exhale downward facing dog
  9. Inhale lift leg leg up to three legged dog
  10. Exhale wild thing pose: bend your left leg, open your hips, and place left foot on the other side of your right foot
  11. Inhale back to three legged dog
  12. Exhale place your left foot between your hands
  13. Inhale warrior I: rotate your right foot to a 45° angle, point hips forward
  14. Clasp your hands behind your back, lift chest up
  15. Exhale humble warrior: bring left shoulder to left knee, lift clasped hands up
  16. Inhale warrior II: rotate right foot to be parallel with the back of your mat, reach right arm to the back of the room and left arm to the front
  17. Exhale reverse warrior: reach left arm up and back
  18. Inhale high lunge: rotate back foot to point forward, reach both arms up
  19. Exhale airplane pose: lift your right leg up, arms by your sides, chest forward
  20. Inhale high lunge
  21. Exhale high plank to chaturanga
  22. Inhale upward facing dog
  23. Exhale downward facing dog
  24. Inhale look forward, bend your knees and make your way to the top of the mat
  25. Repeat on the other side

Balance Sequence

  1. Start standing
  2. Keep your right elbow by your right hip and reach your right hand out to the side
  3. Lift your right leg up and kick back until you can grab your right ankle with your right hand
  4. Dancer pose: lean forward and kick into your hand
  5. Let go of your foot, bring your right leg forward to a stair step
  6. Hand to big toe pose: straighten your right leg and grasp your big toe with your right pointer and middle fingers
  7. Rotate right leg out to the side
  8. Rotate right leg back to center, release grip
  9. Place right foot back on the ground, shake it out
  10. Repeat on the other side

Cool Down

  1. Start standing
  2. Take one more flow
  3. From downward dog, lower into child’s pose
  4. Rise up to your knees through tabletop pose
  5. Camel pose: reach your right hand to your right heel and left hand to left heel. Push hips forward and open your heart.
  6. Rise back up to your knees and give yourself a big hug!
  7. Find a comfortable seat and revisit your intention
  8. Grab a block or a blanket and place under the small of your back
  9. Legs up the wall pose: Lift your legs straight up 
  10. Shoulderstand: Place your hands under the small of your back for support and lift your back off the ground with legs straight up
  11. Lower down, remove block, and lay on your back with your knees wide and bottoms of your feet together
  12. Release everything into savasana 

If you liked this flow and are looking for more, this Self Love Yoga class with Adrienne on YouTube is an amazing flow to expand on the ideas presented in this article. Now go forth and treat yourself with kindness!

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