Summer Lovin': 6 Fun Date Ideas for the Season of Summer

Summer Lovin': 6 Fun Date Ideas for the Season of Summer

June 28, 2021

By: Brooke Davidson // @brooke_being 


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re in the thick of the summer season. Long, sun-soaked, energized days offer us the opportunity to do so much. If you’re in the market for some fun ways to share the season with a loved one, consider trying out some of the ideas below.

Sweeten the Sunset

ice cream at sunset
For this simple date activity, grab - or make! - a favorite dessert, and scout out a good location to watch the sunset. Overlooks and / or waterfront locations are always a bonus. Leave the phones at home and enjoy your sweet treats as day slowly changes to night. 

Be Tourists for a Day

Whether you stay in your own town or cruise to the city next door, be there as though you were tourists. Walk main street; tour the shops; ask locals for site and food recommendations; visit the farmers market; read the informational placards along the roadside. Try seeing your town through new eyes -- you never know what you might find!

Get Active

people on segways
Rent bikes or paddle boards or segways or some other toy you don’t normally use, and go on an adventure of your choosing. This can be as simple as bar hopping or as epic as getting into that lake you’ve always wanted to visit. Give yourself permission to take the entire day to go play.

Go Skinny Dipping

remote lake
Maybe you’re already a skinny dipping enthusiast, or maybe it’s something you’ve never even considered. But if you’re looking for a fun way to spice things up (giggles guaranteed!) then consider giving it a go. You might hike a ways off the beaten path to scout out the best, private swimming hole and give it a go. 

Star Gaze

If there’s a hot spring nearby, you might even combine this one with idea #4! Otherwise, you could even lay out a blanket in your own backyard. Gaze freely or, if it’s more your style, research which constellations you might see in your night sky and try to find them as a team. 

Catch a Local Sporting Event

baseball game
Whether it’s a spike ball tournament or a little league baseball game, your town is likely to have something going on any given weekend. Attend the event and pick a team or even cheer on both -- just allow yourselves to have fun watching community members do their things. 
Overall, dates can be as adventurous or mellow; costly or cheap; time-intensive or short as you so prefer. But choosing to do something specific to the season can be a great way to make some memories you’re sure to cherish.





Brooke is a contributing author for Tada Rugs. Tada Rugs is a 5x7 yoga mat disguised as an artistic area rug that you never have to put away. Tada is short for tadasana, or mountain pose, and our own backyard in the San Juan Mountains of Durango, Colorado is where we find our inspiration. Check out our new designs, enter for a chance to win a new Tada Rug, and be sure to follow us for deals and insider specials! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or contact us through our website! Tie a room together and bring your practice home.

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