What is the Tada Rug?

  • The Tada Rug is a double wide yoga mat that doubles as an area rug.

Where can I use the Tada Rug?

  • The Tada Rug can be used anywhere you would use a yoga mat, inside or outside! 

How much does the rug cost?

  • The rugs will start at $150. The increase in price is due to our superior dual layered natural tree rubber material. It is not easy to source natural rubber sustainably but we did what it takes in a commitment to uphold our values. The rug also features unique hand painted designs by our featured artists.

How Do I Clean My Yoga Rug

  • The TPE top layer is much easier to clean than the pervious version of the rug. Any standard mat cleaner should work but we found oxy clean or the equivalent works like a charm.

Are the rugs Pet Proof? 

  • As much as we love our Tada Rugs Pets we find that dogs are able to easily scuff the surface of the rug. If you have a big furry friend  we recommend keep them off your rug. Small dogs and cats are fine so long as they don't chew or scratch!

Can I wear shoes on the Tada Rug

  • You can, but we recommend flipping the rug over first. Shoes may mark the top of the rug and warrant more frequent cleaning. 

What are Your Mats made of?

  • The rug has a natural tree rubber base layer with a TPE rubber top layer. TPE is an eco friendly material made from non-toxic recycled biodegradable materials. It retains the printed design, is easy to clean, and provides plenty of grip for your practice.

Can I put furniture on the rug?

  • We don’t not recommend putting anything above 30lbs on the rug unless it has a large flat bottom surface. Coffee table legs can leave permeant imprints if they are too heavy. If you don't mind the imprints though go right ahead!

Do you ship outside of the United States?

  • Sorry, not yet! We currently only sell in the USA but will be expanding sales asap. Follow us for updates.

 Can I easily move the rug?

  • Yes! Just roll the rug up like a normal yoga mat and it can easily be carried anywhere with most standard mat straps or totes.

Will you carry more sizes?

  • Soon! We are launching with our most popular size but hope to add both larger and "normal size" mats to our product line. 

 What Is Your Return Policy?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Items may be returned in like-new condition in their original packaging within 60 days of purchase for a full refund, you just pay return shipping. If the return is a result of our error (wrong mat, manufacturing defect, etc.) we will cover return shipping.
  • Contact Us to begin the return process. 

Win a FREE Tada Rug

Each month we give away a FREE Tada Rug of your choice to one lucky winner.