Slick Rock TADA Yoga Exercise Rug

Whether you’re lounging on a weeknight or hosting friends on the weekend, never roll your mat away. The TADA Rugs yoga mat is large and oversized, enabling it to act as a piece of home decor in your home. This 4’x6′ area rug is made of natural tree rubber and can be used for yoga, exercise, stretching, and more. It even includes beautiful, original hand drawn designs from different artists, making it a great addition to your interior design. TADA Rugs is the perfect partner for your home and practice.


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A large & comfortable yoga mat that you will love! Large like a area rug!

Take your peace with you. Great for grass and sand too!

100% customer satisfaction. Everyone loves our mats!

What if you could bring your favorite yoga studio home with you? Introducing the Tada Rug, a 6×4 area rug that double as a yoga mat. Unique artisan designs blend with a variety home décor and leave you with a home practice space ready to go at a moment’s notice. The extra surface area makes for a luxurious solo practice or a fun place for partners to play. The added thickness provides a safe surface to practice more advanced poses (handstands here we come!). The rug is naturally resistant to sweat and bacteria and can be cleaned in minutes. So, what are you waiting for? tie your room together and bring your practice home!

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