Why Everyone Loves TADA Rugs Yoga Mats

Inspired by the Desert Southwest, our yoga mats inspire you to create a beautiful, expansive space for your practice. Each mat is made from premium natural non-toxic material and is easy to clean, and long lasting.  

Impressed by this mat! The material is very high quality and seems durable. I love having the extra space for yoga and all kinds of other exercises. The fastening straps and carrying bag are really convenient.


Since I have been at home more recently, I have been able to use the mat to work out in addition to stretching. The extra large mat makes it much more comfortable than typical mat to do a variety of exercises. Easy to clean and has more support than my normal mat, super glad I bought it when I did.

-Jeff Coelet

I use my TADA yoga mat almost everyday! It’s so handy cause I don’t have to pull out my yoga mat and put it away after every use. The tada rug itself looks very modern and chic and is very easy to clean. I often use my TADA Rugs yoga mat for yoga and at home works out. Even when my hands and feet are sweaty, the grip of the mat is great. Definitely worth the purchase!


My partner and I usually pile multiple mats together for acro but this mat is so much better. It is thick and wide which gives extra cushion for falls and the straps make it super easy to carry around when we do acro in the park.

-Emile Sfakianos

Look at what people are saying!

Our TADA Rugs are the perfect fit for any yogi. They are great on cement, tile, hardwood, carpet, grass or even sand!

Premium Mat Quality

Take your practice to the next level. At 8mm, this thick yet firm mat provides cushion without sacrificing functionality.

Eco-Friendly + Non-Toxic

Our yoga area rugs are made with premium natural non-toxic material making them good for you and the environment.

Contemporary Designs

The exercise mats are offed in four unique artisan designs, optimal for any yogi. TADA Rugs is the perfect partner for your practice.

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